I like old mechanical things. There’s an elegant simplicity in an old mechanical device. There are newer, often “improved”, versions of many things but some things were nearly perfect before and that last little bit of imperfection is just character and only needs a little attention to cross the finish line. I like to fix and make things. I love my 140 year old Elgin pocket watch with sapphire hands, my grandfather’s 1944 Lord Elgin 559 curved bezel watch, my Arithma Addiator calculator and my gold swing blade pocket knife. I love my 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser, my 1991 Seiko Chrono Sports 150 with scarlett accents and, of course, leather goods. I love the smell, texture, colors, durability, grain, the way it ages and that it can’t be reproduced with a product that will last as long, is sustainable or is natural.

My other life is technical writing, instructional video production and motion graphics which have all garnered just over 50 production awards and lots of hours logged from a chair in a dark room in front of expensive computers. Long form production is a lot of work with a payoff when the project is complete. Sometimes this a year or more. 

Leathercraft affords me a creative outlet along the way and a more personal relationship with you. I love hearing how you use your product, where it's been and the memories made through using it whether it's just along for the ride or a direct influence on how you do what you do. I'm glad you're here and look forwarding to providing you with a product that gets better with time, making some memories and sharing a journey.

I appreciate your visit a look forward to getting to know you. 

Doug Calhoun

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