Leather & Thread

Every leather product we offer is crafted from full-grain leather. We inventory leathers from a number of American tanneries including Hermann Oak in St. Louis, MO,  Wickett and Craig in Curwensville, PA and Horween Leather in Chicago, IL. We occasionally make products from the Italian Tanneries of Badalassi Carlo and Concercia Walpier. They offer unique leathers of incredible color, texture and character that we enjoy working with. These tanneries all employ a tanning process that utilizes the organic tannins in tree bark and leaves.

This historic process takes considerable time and results in a "vegetable tanned" leather ("veg tan") that ages beautifully and is incredible durable. These leathers develop character as they’re used, developing a “patina” that is unique to how each piece is carried and exposed to your every day life. Each piece will truly be one of a kind.

We also carry leathers from Acadia Leather in Hartland, Maine. We source a number of leathers from Acadia including buffalo. Some of their products are chemically tanned and typically hot stuffed with waxes and oils. These leathers are often rich in color and show smooth gradients of color when bent, pressed and manipulated. This color shift is called “pull-up” and while not strictly related to chemically tanned leathers, can be quite stunning and unique. This leather is primarily used in our colored totes, crossbody bags and some heavier weight items.

We use waxed poly-braided threads from Maine Thread Co. and Julias Koch in Germany (Ritza). These threads are very durable, moisture and UV resistant and are available in a great variety of colors. With these threads we’re able to provide a variety of color combinations and creative options in our products.


We source a variety of hardware materials. We utilize heavy, solid brass hardware unless specifically stated otherwise. We offer multiple finishes including brass, antique brass, nickel,  matte finish nickel and PVD black matte. We list these when applicable in our product descriptions. We utilize hand set brass and copper rivets on a variety of products. From time to time, we upgrade our hardware choices as we find something more durable, efficient, or unique that increases durability or aesthetic appeal.