Forest Run Creative

Cord Wraps


Our cord wraps are a simple, streamlined solution to a common problem. A small, unobtrusive, problem solver that will help tame chaos wherever you need it- your bag, purse, car or desktop. Detangle your life with a few cord wraps- sharing is caring and someone’s birthday is coming up soon.


  • Earphones
  • Hair ties/bands
  • Phone charger cables
  • Laptop Cords
  • Harddrive cables


  • 1.5” tall by 2-7/8” wide
  • Incredible smell
  • Forest Run logo


  • 4” tall by 3” wide
  • Incredible smell
  • Forest Run logo


  • Hermann Oak Natural full grain leather
  • Heavy duty antique brass snap(s)


  • Ready to ship


  • Brush or wipe lightly with a damp cloth
  • Condition periodically with Smith’s Leather Balm

As a natural product, each full grain leather cord wrap may have slight variation.

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