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The Forest Run Cuff - Decorative Stitch


Our namesake wrist cuff is crafted from a thick strap of Wickett & Craig full grain leather. It’s a timeless design: rugged in aesthetic, stylish in simplicity and durable in materials. This product is available in multiple colors. The Forest Run Cuff has two adjustments: 6.5” and 7.5”

We take this beautiful piece of leather and integrate a decorative stitch with many, many colorful combinations. The first color selector is the center line color and the the second color selection is the outer edge color. We can create either style bracelet. If you prefer just 1 color, select 'None' in the second color selector. We can typically use up to 3 colors of thread.

Note: We have many threads and options are limited due to the shopping cart options being maxxed out.  Contact us if you are looking for a combination you can't configure here.


  • ½” wide strap of thick full grain English Bridle leather from Wickett and Craig
  • Heavy duty button stud closure
  • Antique Brass hardware on Olive, Natural, Medium and Dark Brown cuffs
  • Matte Nickel finished brass hardware on Blue and Black cuffs
  • The button stud backing on Blue and Black cuffs are nickel which, in rare cases, may cause an allergy sensitivity
  • The decorative stitching is made of triple braided waxed polyester thread


  • Typically 2-3 business days


  • Brush or wipe lightly with a damp cloth
  • Condition periodically with Smith’s Leather Balm

As a natural product, each full grain leather cuff may have slight variation. These will darken with time and develop a beautiful patina and wear pattern that is unique to your adventures.

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