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Adley Wallet - Concercia Walpier White Wax Whiskey "Burro" Limited


Adley, the namesake of our minimalist wallet, was a down to earth, thoughtful gent with contemplative eyes and a steadfast character. He had an eclectic style and his presence set a tone that consistently resulted in good cheer and colorful memories. He was a friend among friends.

Our Adley Wallet embodies his unique character and endearing charisma in a small, purposeful heirloom-quality item. With a variety of options and simple details, this every-day-carry minimalist wallet can go anywhere and suit multiple purposes. Some people like the Adley Wallet as a credit card holder but it’s the front pocket every-day wallet of many.

 A popular item with first responders, tradesmen, students and forward-thinkers, customize an Adley Wallet to make it your own. In time, the full grain leather will develop a gorgeous patina and tell a story of it’s own- your story. It’s “minimalist” by size but big on usability and when customized, it speaks to both your inner warrior and poet.

This unique veg-tan leather has a white wax that wears away over time to reveal the "whiskey" pigment of this Italian Leather from Concercia Walpier. It will patina very uniquely to every person that carries one.


  • 3”wide x 4-1/8”tall
  • 4 pockets
  • holds 6-8 cards and double folded cash
  • Incredible smell
  • Source of conversation included free of charge


  • Concercia Walpier White Wax Buttero- "Burro"
  • Triple braided waxed poly thread- beige


  • Ready to Ship


  • Brush or wipe lightly with a damp cloth
  • Condition periodically with Smith’s Leather Balm

P.S. A big bi-fold wallet in my rear pocket was painful for years after a disc herniation and compression fracture. This is the every-day-carry wallet (EDC) I moved to after coming to my senses. Both my boys carry one too!

If we don’t have the Adley Wallet available pre-made, you can Build Your Own!

It’s typically 2-3 days to produce a custom version for you. We’ll contact you immediately if there are any issues.

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