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The Day Tote - Black Harvest


The Day Tote is the result of the original full-grain leather bag I made for my wife, Heather. She loves her bag and through word of mouth, and very few pictures, we’ve shipped color variations of the original to all corners of the country. Perfect for an active day out, it has enough room to include all your essentials and more.

This bag is completely handmade. It’s hand cut, hand stitched and features a rolled top edge, stitched handles, 50 feet of waxed, braided poly-thread and 16 copper rivets. It’s reinforced at all stress points and the body is one piece of full-grain leather. Because of the high quality construction, it will only become more beautiful as the years go by. A Forest Run bag wears in, not out.

Every bag is different and tells a story of the beast it came from. Range marks, bug bites, stretch marks and the occasional brand are inherent on leather. Bags on our website have minimal variation but we're happy make something more unique if you prefer.

We offer the bag in standard colors but have a regular variety of leather colors and thread combinations we’ll showcase here and on our Instagram feed.


  • 17”wide, 12" tall and  6"deep
  • The pocket is 8” by 8.5” wide and will hold your keys and a ginormous phone
  • The stitched straps have a 12.5” drop (Heather is sure you want to know this)
  • It's hand-cut, hand-stitched and has hand-set rivets (16 of them)
  • All stress points are reinforced
  • Made from a single piece of full-grain leather for strength- it’s 5.5 oz leather
  • Incredible smell
  • Decorative pocket stitch


  • Premium Black Harvest
  • Triple braided waxed poly thread- Bordeaux


  • Ready to Ship


  • Brush or wipe lightly with a damp cloth
  • Condition periodically with Smith’s Leather Balm

Leather is natural product and each bag will have character. Slight variation occurs from bag to bag and we occasionally have leather with brands, pronounced scars and bug bites. These are our favorite hides and we reserve those generally for customers that prefer something unique. Contact us if you’re interested in a very one of a kind bag. #chicksdigscars

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