Forest Run Creative

The River Collar


Forest Run River Collars are waterproof, durable and amazingly easy to care for. They're resistant to thorns, stickers and scratches. Our leads are in use with pet owners, sport dog competitors, K9 units, professional dog trainers and their students. We use them for our own dogs and love their ability to clean up easily and retain a like new appearance over time.

Don't spend another minute subjecting your premium leather collars to extreme elements. Wipe down the River Collar with a moist cloth to remove mud, grass and grit and they're like new. 

The 1" wide collars are rated at 1,000 pounds tensile strength and the 3/4" collars are rated at 750 pounds tensile strength.

(Our Leather Alternative products are Genuine Super Heavy Biothane®, don’t accept imitations.)


  • Small-    ¾” wide x 12-14.5” long
  • Medium- 1” wide x 17-21” long
  • Large-     1” wide x 20-27” long


    • Super Heavy 1” or ¾” wide Super Heavy Biothane®
    • Solid Brass hardware


    • Ready to Ship


    • Brush or wipe with a damp cloth

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